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(updated February 2023)

Sanctioned Shows: 
1. Shows must follow all rules set forth by the CJSA for record keeping.
2. A standardized entry form and placing document will be furnished by CJSA for all sanctioned shows. 
3. A $300 fee will be required to become a CJSA sanctioned show. Show organizers offering more than one CJSA sanctioned show, which is put by the same group, shall receive a discounted rate for their second and third shows. Second show will be a $200 fee; and Third show will be free of said fees.
4. All sanctioned shows shall submit a final list of class placings and champions within 24 hours of the conclusion of the show. List should be submitted via email to the Secretary. 
5. Pigs may be only entered in one class per show.
6. Sanctioned shows must approve their judge selection before hiring or advertising that specific judge. 
7. All CJSA shows are required to have three aspects to their show:
    A. Showmanship 
    B. Classes for purebred and crossbred market hogs
     C. Select the TOP 5 hogs overall, at the show 
8. Pigs must be entered in the name of the CJSA member who wishes to accumulate points from exhibiting that animal. That pig, once entered, by a CJSA exhibitor, will not change hands to earn points for another CJSA exhibitor. 
9. CJSA members must be present and exhibit their own animals to accumulate points.  If member has more than one pig in a class or in case of extenuating circumstances as determined by the board, only a CJSA member is allowed as a substitute showman.


Revised 1/04/23.


1. Swine showmanship classes are for exhibitors ages 3-19. (as of Jan. 1st of the current year). 19-year-olds must be eligible for Colorado State Fair or the National Western Stock Show.

a. Novice 3-8

b. Junior 9-11

c. Intermediate 12-15

d. Senior 16-19


2. A memberʼs showmanship pig MUST BE ENTERED in the Market Show. 
3. Showmanship Points are as follows:
1st - 30 points 
2nd - 29 points 
3rd - 28 points 
4th - 27 points
5th - 26 points
6th -25 points
7th - 24 points
8th -23 points
9th - 22 points
10th-21 points
11th & below: 15 points
Classification of Pigs: 
1. Purebred Hogs will follow the CJSA 2023 Updated Classification File (See PDF file)
2. Dark Crosses:
Hogs with any combination of black and white hair or skin pigmentation only.  This includes solid black hogs.
3. Light Crosses: Hogs with any combination of white, blue, gray, sandy, rusty, orange, red or roan pigmentation or hair.  All pigs that do not meet the classifications of any other breeds. (i.e. Tri colored, calico’s, blue’s etc.)

Pig Points & Rules: 
1. Points will be gained for members in the following breeds, for market swine, for the CJSA season: Hampshire, Yorkshire, Duroc, Berkshire,  OPB (Polands, Spots, Landrace, Chester, Tamworth, Hereford.) OPB Darks and Whites will show together). Light and Dark Crossbreds show separately. 

2. Only one pig per breed can accumulate points for the member. A member cannot receive points for two Yorkshire barrows. To receive points for two pigs, the member must exhibit two separate breeds. If showing two pigs of the same breed, only the higher placing of the two will accumulate points. 

3. No limit to the number of breeds that a member can enter at each show. But, can only earn points for two breeds at each show. 

4. Only the points from the two highest placing pigs that an individual exhibits at each show will count toward an individualʼs total points. In the case of a a memberʼs pigs placing the same (a tie breaker), the CJSA member will be contacted BEFORE THE NEXT SANCTIONED SHOW, by a CJSA board member and they will be given the option of choosing which pig receives the points for said show. 

5. It is possible to use points earned from more than two breeds to achieve a memberʼs overall points total. The exhibitors may use points for Duroc and Hampshire pigs at at one show and points for Crossbred and Yorkshire pigs at another show, to achieve an overall pointʼs total. 

6. There will be no top-end weight limits for pigs. CJSA has the right to remove any pig which poses a safety risk to any individual. This would include removal from ring, pens and facility should they be a safety hazard.

7. Any hog that is re-classfied during the show season will retain points earned before re-classfication. However, from that point forward, said pig will only gain points in its new classfication. 

8. Top 5 in Class points will be awarded as follows:
1st-50 points
2nd-40 points
3rd-30 points
4th-20 points
5th-10 points
6th and lower 5 points 

9. Breed Winner points will be awarded as follows:
Champions-60 points
Reserves-55 points 

10. Overall Winner points will be awarded as follows:
Overall Grand-100 points
Overall Reserve-85 points
Third Overall-75 points
Fourth Overall-70points
Fifth Overall-65 points

1. Awards are dependent solely on funding.

2. The Rookie of the Year award is designed for a first-year CJSA member. Winner is selected upon overall points performance during the show season. 

3. Prizes will be award for Top 5 finishers in each of the following categories:
  A. Showmanship (in each age division) Tie-breakers will be decided by number of showmanship 1st, and then the number of 2nd, and so on until the tie is broken. 
   B Breed Divisions:   
      Awards will go to the Top 5 finishers in each breed.  
      Showmanship and educational points will be used to determine tie-breaks.
   C. Overall Exhibitor
        Awards will be given to the Top 10 Exhibitors Overall. 
        Showmanship and educational points will be used to determine tie-breaks. 
        Market hogs and showmanship are separate categories and points for each will not be combined at any time. Except for overall points. 

To be eligible for top awards in breeds or overall, the CJSA member must participate in that category at least 40% of the time during the CJSA show season. For example: To be eligible for top awards in Hampshire, the exhibitor must have shown a Hampshire at 6 or more CJSA sanctioned shows, assuming there are 15 shows. Another example: If an exhibitor shows at 12 CJSA shows but only shows a Duroc at 5 shows, he/she will not be eligible for top Duroc awards. However, those Duroc points may still count towards an exhibitorʼs total points. 3. A memberʼs year-end totals in the Overall, Breeds, and Showmanship divisions will be composed of points from 70% of the shows in which they accumulate the most points. Example: A member will not need to attend all sanctioned shows to remain competitive. This provision will allows members “free” weekends for other obligations.


All rules are subject to change to the discretion of the CJSA Advisory Board and are subject to change.

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